Mongler of Clocks

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"Venom isn’t black because its never stated in his bio" my ass

Someone just crossed the line. Okay even if you don’t think he’s black why are you vehemently defending your opinion? Venom having dark brown skin and thick lips is not enough? Is it bad being black? Then you’re gonna say black people aren’t really black because color theory states that black is the absence of color? Seriously!?

If I say I-No is white are you gonna object because her bio didn’t say her race!? Ky is Christian because he wears crosses but his bio never mentioned his religion either. Some things don’t need official confirmation.

Not sorry, denying some slightly ambiguous material because of your extremely high standards is something I can tolerate but when to comes to race it’s downright offensive. It doesn’t help when the whole fandom accepts that Venom is gay for Zato except for you.

If you see this I don’t care if you hate me.

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