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get it?? plz like me, i'm funny

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fyi: tara literally punched hannah and linny’s couch at the scene and let out the shrillest GODDAMN IT in seattle’s history

it was hilarious

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Anonymous asked: i bought a baby leopard gecko and it's scared of everything so i named it matt miller

i have a blue quaker parrot and he’s a total shitass so his name is also matt miller. :)c

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so i’m futzing around with the Sims 4 create-a-sim shit and so far it’s fun! of course one of the first things i make is matt miller SUE ME OKAY, HE’S PRETTY


i really like being able to squash and stretch any body part, but they really need to get on the ball and just let male and female sims share hair and make-up. this is about as good as i could get.

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